Calculus / AP Calculus AB & BC

Calculus / AP Calculus AB & BC at Stream Vertical AP Calculus AB, an introductory college-level calculus course, immerses students in the exploration of differential and integral calculus. Through real-world problems represented graphically, numerically, analytically, and verbally, students engage with concepts like change, limits, and function analysis. Definitions and theorems are utilized to construct arguments […]


In Pre-calculus at Stream Vertical, students conclude their formal study of functions initiated in Algebra I and Algebra II. This advanced course centers on modeling, problem-solving, data analysis, and a comprehensive exploration of trigonometric and circular functions, inverses, polar coordinates, complex numbers, conics, and quadratic relations. Discrete topics encompass essential mathematical concepts such as Proof […]


In this course at Stream Vertical, students delve into the exploration of two and three-dimensional shapes and their interrelations in both plane and space. This subject is both visual and analytical, seamlessly integrating spatial and numerical concepts. Students engage in the classification and description of shapes, considering factors such as congruence, similarity, and transformations. The […]


In Algebra 2 with Trigonometry at Stream Vertical, students will expand their understanding of algebra and geometry, emphasizing critical thinking and the interconnected nature of mathematics. This accelerated and honours-level course is designed to delve deep into advanced algebraic concepts. It assumes that students have already established a robust foundation in a previous Algebra 1 […]

Algebra II

Algebra II, also known as Advanced Algebra, at Stream Vertical is crafted to empower students by enhancing their skills and delving into advanced concepts beyond basic algebra, setting the stage for higher-level mathematics courses. This comprehensive course is structured to enable students to not only grasp mathematical concepts in the classroom but also apply them […]

Algebra I

The Algebra 1 course at Stream Vertical offers students’ opportunities to cultivate and articulate a profound understanding of algebraic representation, serving as a crucial prerequisite for advanced mathematics courses. Integration of graphing calculators is an essential component of this course. This foundational course not only equips students with algebraic skills but also lays the groundwork […]


The Pre-Algebra course at Stream Vertical functions as a crucial link between elementary mathematics and Algebra. Through a dynamic approach encompassing technology, manipulatives, problem-solving, and cooperative learning, this course aims to establish a strong foundation in algebraic concepts. Students will also be adept at utilizing graphing calculators in relevant situations. Emphasizing problem-solving, reasoning, estimation, and […]

Middle school math

Students embark on the journey of developing middle school math skills starting from grade 6. This grade serves as the cornerstone for students to cultivate essential math skills, forming a solid foundation for subsequent grades such as 7 and 8. The math skills acquired in grade 6 lay the groundwork for an extended exploration of […]

Elementary Math

At Stream Vertical, we recognize the pivotal role a solid foundation in basic math plays in paving the way for advanced academic success. That’s why we deliver affordable and effective basic mathematics learning services tailored to students of all levels. During a child’s formative school years, learning is paramount. At Stream Vertical, we employ meticulously […]