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Welcome to Stream Vertical, where we address the learning challenges faced by students in middle and high school, particularly within the Common Core Standards. We believe that no student should move forward without a solid understanding of every concept encountered in their academic journey.

Our Mission

At Stream Vertical, we offer after-school assistance and revision classes to empower students to master subjects and concepts thoroughly. Our dedicated tutors are committed to ensuring that students grasp concepts inside out, providing the guidance needed to excel academically.

New Age Learning Approach

We are committed to creating knowledgeable individuals who not only cover lessons but truly comprehend the ‘Whys’ and ‘Whats’ behind each concept. Our focus goes beyond mere brushing over lessons, ensuring a deep understanding that forms the foundation for future academic success.

Student-Oriented Lesson Plans

While schools may rush through the curriculum, we understand that each child learns at a unique pace. Stream Vertical tailors lessons to match each child’s specific skill set and comprehension abilities. We believe in allowing students to comprehend lessons in a way that suits them best.

One-on-One Hand-Holding

Our experienced tutors invest time in customizing lessons, ensuring a comprehensive understanding for every student. Through one-on-one guidance, we go beyond traditional teaching, providing ample examples and references to make the learning experience engaging and interactive.

Prepared for the Classrooms of Tomorrow

As the educational landscape evolves, we strive to prepare our students for the classrooms of the future. Recognizing the rapid pace of technological advancements, we incorporate technology into our teaching methods to ensure students are ready for the changes that lie ahead.
At Stream Vertical, we are more than just an online learning platform; we are a dedicated partner in your child’s educational journey. Our commitment is to foster a love for learning, empower critical thinking, and prepare students not just for exams but for a lifetime of academic success. Join us on this journey towards comprehensive and effective education.

How Stream Vertical Works

Nurturing Academic Success Through Personalized Learning

Take Our Demo

Curious about our teaching approach? Call us to schedule a 30-minute free demo session. Witness first-hand how our tutors can be the ideal mentors for your child. During a diagnostic test, we assess your child's knowledge, aptitude, and grasp of subject concepts according to their age or grade. This evaluation guides us in tailoring lessons for maximum effectiveness.

The Small Walkthrough Online

Take a virtual tour with us! We guide parents or guardians through our platform, showcasing the intricacies of online learning. Learn how to monitor your child's daily progress in the virtual classroom and discover the best ways to provide valuable feedback.

Your Exclusive Tutor

We understand the importance of a harmonious tutor-student relationship. The tutor who conducts the demo class is typically assigned to your child for the subject. This fosters alignment and ensures continuity in your child's academic growth throughout the year.

Let’s Schedule

Each session lasts an hour, and we schedule classes based on your child's availability and convenience. While we recommend strict adherence to the schedule, we understand that emergencies may arise. In such cases, you can request rescheduling or cancelling classes.

Track Student’s Progress

Measuring knowledge gained is crucial. Regular tests and assignments are the key! We conduct weekly and monthly tests to gauge your child's understanding and progress. Witness your child's academic journey unfold with tangible results.

At Stream Vertical, we believe in a collaborative and personalized learning approach. Join us in shaping a future where every student thrives academically with confidence and mastery.

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