Geometry Tutoring

In this course at Stream Vertical, students delve into the exploration of two and three-dimensional shapes and their interrelations in both plane and space. This subject is both visual and analytical, seamlessly integrating spatial and numerical concepts. Students engage in the classification and description of shapes, considering factors such as congruence, similarity, and transformations. The course also introduces various forms of mathematical logic, encompassing both inductive and deductive reasoning.

Within this framework, students apply their knowledge to solve measurement and algebraic problems, utilizing properties, proportions, and trigonometric relationships. The course integrates a review of Algebra 1-2 with geometric applications. To deepen their understanding of key concepts, students leverage software available on the TI-84 calculator and/or Geometer’s Sketchpad.

At Stream Vertical, our adept tutors guide students in studying these topics through investigation and the application of theorems related to numerous geometric ideas, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter.