Pre-Algebra Tutoring

The Pre-Algebra course at Stream Vertical functions as a crucial link between elementary mathematics and Algebra. Through a dynamic approach encompassing technology, manipulatives, problem-solving, and cooperative learning, this course aims to establish a strong foundation in algebraic concepts. Students will also be adept at utilizing graphing calculators in relevant situations.

Emphasizing problem-solving, reasoning, estimation, and real-world connections, the Pre-Algebra course is meticulously designed to prepare students for Algebra I. At Stream Vertical, our tutors recognize the challenges students may face in Pre-Algebra and provide individualized attention to help them understand and tackle problems effectively.

We prioritize the application of mathematical concepts in everyday scenarios, fostering a deeper understanding. Stream Vertical is committed to refining students’ problem-solving skills, gradually alleviating any apprehensions they may have about topics such as exponents, and preparing them with confidence for the challenges that lie ahead.