Earth Science

Earth Science Tutoring

Embark on an educational odyssey with Stream Vertical’s “Earth Science for K-12 Students” course, a captivating exploration of major Earth Science domains, including Geology, Astronomy, and Meteorology. From the fascinating realms of rocks, minerals, and natural disasters to celestial motion, weather, and water resources, students investigate the intricacies that shape our planet.

Led by a team of expert tutors, our program inspires a passion for Earth Science, instilling inquisitiveness and critical thinking. Geared for students from kindergarten through twelfth grade, this course combines theoretical knowledge with hands-on exploration. It’s an opportunity for young minds to delve into the foundations of geology, atmospheric sciences, and more, fostering a deep understanding of Earth’s dynamic processes.

Join Stream Vertical’s Earth Science course to nurture a love for scientific inquiry, proof, and critical thinking, providing students with a holistic perspective on the wonders that surround us.